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Hazard Analysis

There has never been a formal Hazard Analysis done to isolate special hazards or danger points for pedestrians on the route.


  • The location of the FP&L Nuclear Power Plant just 1.75 miles from the tracks

  • The approval by the FRA allowing FECR to haul Liquefied Natural Gas (exported by Fortress Energy)

  • Danger points along the route where pedestrians can be killed

The Nuclear Plant’s location on the barrier island and the proximity of the FECR tracks means with a mechanical breakdown, the train will block major evacuation routes away from the plant.  Patrick Air Force Base, near the tracks, could be a Homeland Security target.

FECR is already hauling

Ethanol - Anhydrous Ammonia - Chlorine Gas -

Liquefied Propane Gas - Liquid Asphalt

on the route shared by Higher Speed Rail - what could go wrong? Plume Maps developed by Martin County Emergency Management show that thousands will die with an accidental  breach of the rail containers carrying LNG or other Hazardous Materials.

Brightline is not required to do a Hazard Analysis anywhere by FL DOT.

We Ask - When will state & federal agencies study these potential catastrophic disasters?

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