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What did they think would happen when they increased the speed of the KILLER Trains?  Now

they are going 80 - 110 mph and already 7 people have died on Phase 2 to Orlando.

108 now 109 DEATHS since they started operations of the deadliest train
in the country!
It's up to our state senators and representatives to demand FDOT require more safety features and Brightline PAYS for them!  Find their contact information here: 

Will your community be the next East Palestine?

HAZ MAT is being carried through our communities and sharing the same tracks with 110 mph passenger trains!  FECR wants to carry LNG along our coast - it's a "virtual LNG pipeline" - their words. 
                          What Could Go Wrong?

Dense population, hundreds of grade crossings and open track make the FEC/Brightline route the most dangerous in the country!

Fort Pierce Nuclear Power Plant
1.75 Miles to the tracks
Open Tracks are Death Traps!

Hobe Sound Boys & Girls Club close to tracks

Gifford Middle School close to tracks.

Stuart Youth Park is just feet from the open tracks

Tequesta County Park is just yards from the open tracks.

Safety remains our No. 1 concern!



Fortress Investment Group is Forcing 21st Century Passenger

Rail onto19th Century Infrastructure


Flagler’s coastal route from Jacksonville to Miami was never intended for trains going 110 mph.  The 19th Century route runs through the heart of 42 towns and cities and, unlike modern High Speed Rail, does not tunnel under or bridge over 580 streets at-grade.

Because of those at-grade crossings, Florida East Coast Rail has always been  one of the deadliest systems in the US for years.  As the lead FRA engineer said in 2014 when reviewing the route for speed trains, "Trespassing is epidemic on the route!"

Flagler’s southern route traverses the St. Lucie, Loxahatchee and New rivers using 100 year old bridges.  The aging bridges must close for hours as trains cross, creating dangerous waiting times for boaters.

Every study, including the Florida HSR Commission’s analysis and a 2010 Study for the US Conference of Mayors by Siemens Corp., concludes new tracks designed for HSR should be built along I-95 or the Florida Turnpike.

It is clear the only reason these trains are being forced onto a 100 year old route is to double the freight capacity of FECR, now owned by a Mexican company - Grupo Mexico.


109 Are Dead by Brightline trains... and there are NO increased safety regulations for trains going 80 - 125 mph!

From Miami to Orlando and across to Tallahassee, the death and destruction by Brightline has been ignored.  The FRA lead engineer made recommendations 10 years ago which were ignored; the Florida Legislature commissioned a study of the state's passenger rail and the findings were ignored!  Brightline began operations, post-pandemic, and the deaths began piling up again.  What will it take before our local and state elected officials speak out and demand FL Dept. of Transportation do something?  Or will it be.......


Act Now
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ambulance at crossing
The Issues

The Issues

Safety; Financial; Realities; Hazard Analysis

From the moment Fortress Investment Group announced this project, we have

connected the dots and followed the money.  We found all the moving parts

are interrelated ending at the same point:

Two foreign corporations are putting Profits over Florida Lives! 

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