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​​Veronica Morano was a successful lawyer in Argentina who visited Miami on a regular basis.  She was staying in her apartment there in mid-November and decided to extend her visit a couple of days to shop for Christmas presents.  Back home in Argentina she had a son, husband and many loving family members with whom she'd be celebrating the holidays.

Her Mercedes SUV was hit by a Brightline train near the Aventura Mall on the afternoon of November 15.  She was pronounced dead at the scene.  Her car was trapped on the tracks inside the gate.  A witness said the gate came down and trapped her car just seconds before the train arrived at the crossing.  (The family is in contact with the witness.)

A review of the 2014 Federal Railroad Administration's assessment of all crossings on the Virgin Trains' route shows the crossing near the mall was recommended for CLOSURE.  The roadway designs near and across the tracks posed a dangerous condition so it was recommended the road NOT cross the tracks at that point.  Like pedestrian gates at crossings, this and other road closures were not carried out by the counties or implemented by Virgin.

So did the gates come down late and trap Veronica on the tracks?  Only a review of the Black Boxes  on both the train and at the crossing would show what exactly happened and the timing...those boxes are the property of the railroad corporation.  The FRA doesn't investigate railroad accidents unless at least 3 people are killed - so they have not investigated ANY Virgin Trains related deaths. 

The railroad investigates itself or, as we say, the fox is guarding the hen house.  Veronica's family wants to know what happened.  They don't want other families going through the shock and devastation they have been through.  It's up to the Governor and FDOT to initiate an independent, expert investigation into the accident.  In fact, they can appoint permanent, railroad accident investigators to do a proper investigation into every rail accident - and they should!

Join us in contacting the Governor and Transportation Secretary and

Ask them to appoint an independent team of railroad investigators for Florida!

Governor Ron DeSantis                                        Kevin Thibault, FL Transportation Secretary

Ron.Desantis@eog.state.FL.US                           Kevin.Thibault@DOT.state.FL.US

850-717-9337                                                          850-414-4100

Florida had 59 rail-related deaths in 2019 and half were Virgin Trains deaths. 

Isn't it about time we know exactly what happened?!

Imagine this through YOUR town 34 times per day going 30 mph FASTER!

How would you like this to happen at your home?

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