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All of Florida demanded action to clean up our waters, but no one

is talking about railroad deaths! 

​​Since January 2018, a total of 99 people have died on Florida's railroads across the state. Over half of those deaths were on the Florida East Coast Rail corridor with Brightline being the deadliest at 33 souls lost.  And that’s BEFORE Brightline goes over 100 mph through the Space and Treasure Coasts. Tell the Governor to do something by clicking here to take our brief survey:


With the addition of increased speeds, the number of deaths and injuries is going to grow exponentially.  Already an accident involving a Brightline train is happening on an average of every 20 days.

​The legislature’s own independent study* recommends increased fencing, pedestrian channeling and pedestrian bridges and more auto safety systems to save lives. But Brightline refuses to implement these features.

This is a statewide issue!  Brightline’s going to Tampa and Jacksonville while all of Florida's trains are far too dangerous.

Now, everyone needs to demand that FDOT implement more regulations for higher speed trains and follow the consultants’ recommendations.

These are not job killing regulations – they are LIFE SAVING ones!


Support Senator Debbie Mayfield and Representative Tyler Sirois’ legislation and help

MAKE THEM SAFE!  Don’t let the corporations continue to...

​Put Profits Over Lives!

Imagine this through YOUR town 32 times per day going 30 mph FASTER!

This video shows a properly fenced rail

corridor between Baltimore and D.C.



You List of Government Contacts:  HERE

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